Just a Really Bad Idea

Back in 2015, Dave Bledsoe had this crazy idea: why not start a podcast. I mean, he was a generic white dude, and what is more “white dude” than believing his opinions need to be heard by everyone. So he bought a cheap microphone, downloaded some software, and recorded his first show. It had no creative vision, no coherent theme—and the less said about the content and technical quality, the better. There is absolutely no reason this show should have survived.

The Redemption Narrative

…is something people like to say happens because it makes things sound impressive. We don’t do impressive. What happened was that the show slowly improved, it found a creative vision, and we learned how to record and mix at a slightly higher than first-grade level. Four years later, we even have a few listeners. We are not sure WHY we have them, but the numbers indicate we do. We could always use more.

Why Should You Listen?

Do you LIKE generic white dudes ranting? If you do, boy, will you like this show! The idea is pretty simple: take a topic culled from the week’s headlines, mix in some tangent about Dave’s childhood or younger days, layer in information about the topic, pepper it with “funny” drops, and finally, spice liberally with profanity. Then drink Irish Whiskey as the laughter and learning begins!

The Gang of Useful Idiots

It takes a team of dedicated and possibly nonexistent people to produce a low-rated podcast, and here they are:

Dave Bledsoe

Host, Executive Producer, Head Writer

Dave is the dulcet voice of the show, a problem drinker, and very bad boss.

Kimberly Steele

Executive Editor, Senior Producer, Script Consultant, Voice of Sanity

Kimberly is our hired gun when things go off the rails. This is her expression whenever we have to bring her in. This is the only photo she’ll let us use. It’s like 18 years old.

Gavin St. James

Senior Producer, Whipping Boy

Producer Gavin is the long-suffering heart of the show, the humanity that redeems this soulless calamity from the depths of despair.

Fictional Minions

The Little People Who Make Things Happen

Everyone needs minions. These are ours.

Validate Us With Your Approval!

It’s time, you have to decide are you willing to take one mans desperate need for relevance and validation and put it in your ears? Or maybe even be something like entertained for a few minutes? I mean shit, it’s FREE!