This is where we answer some of the questions a simple Google search would reveal if you had bothered to do one.


Sure, we all have QUESTIONS. Like, why was the 1957 Chevy Bel Aire considered America’s dream car, or does rain scream when it falls? But we mean for US, the podcast? By all means, ask away! We will do our best to answer in a timely and not-at-all sarcastic manner. Simply write it out below, and we will get right back to you.

Is Gavin Real?

I like to think we are all Gavin.

Who Is Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie is our low-rated podfather. Among his many business endeavors was a “music studio” located in a rundown trailer on his Howard Beach car lot. When the podcast boom started, Fast Eddie decided to get into the game and launched Fast Eddie’s Podcast Hut Podcast Network. What the HELL Were You Thinking is currently the only show on the network.

Will the Podcast Hut Put MY Podcast on the Network?

Sure, if you pay him to.

Can I Give You Guys Some Cash?

Yes, please. Our Patreon is right here!